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中国ガラス橋 - 割れ目効果

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公開日: 09 Jun 2018 / In エンタテーメント

中国ガラス橋 - クラックの影響 - 人々は中国のガラス橋を横切って恐怖を感じている


ガラス橋での恐ろしい旅 - 中国のガラス橋をあなたに渡すために人々は恐怖を感じます。このビデオはカメラから取るので、少し騒々しいです。中国で最も危険なガラス橋!楽しみながら見て




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China Glass Bridge - Crack Effect - People are terrified to cross glass bridge in China
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This is new video of a tourist terrified by the sight of a bridge’s glass bottom cracking under his feet. The glass skywalk hangs 1,180 meters above a valley and stretches 266 meters in length.

Scary Journey on Glass Bridge - People are terrified to cross glass bridge in China video to you. This video take from camera so there little noisy. Most dangerous glass bridge in China !watching with fun

China Glass Bridge Funny 2017 Afraid Of Height Glass Bridge Terrified tourists in China dragged across glass bridge above canyon The moment you realise being 164-foot-high on a glass bridge isn't for you. Man had his pants scared off on a newly opened glass walkway over a cliff in SW China Top 5 Funniest Glass Bridge Reactions China glass bridge, funny people scared to walk on the bridge Man with fear of heights cries as he crawls along glass walkway 4,700ft up cliff Viral video shows terrified tourists being DRAGGED across glass bridge Fear of Bridges Phobia This glass bridge is so terrifying Fear/Afraid of Crossing Bridges(Gephyrophobia).

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